Magic Bars, 7 Layer Bars, Hello Dolly Bars

Hello! I hope you are having a great weekend! Did you watch the London Olympics Opening Ceremony? I did and I loved it! I made these Magic Bars or to some Hello Dolly Bars or even 7 Layer bars,  to eat while watching the ceremony. They are the perfect treat warm with ice cream or […]


Many people say cheesecake is one of the hardest things to make. With my recipe, they don’t have to be! I’ve gone through so many recipes and techniques that I’ve nailed down what makes them great. These cheesecakes are among my favorite things to cook (and eat), as they’re not only delicious but impossibly cute. […]

Unicorn Cheesecake

Unicorn Cheesecake   INGREDIENTS 2 8 oz blocks cream cheese, softened 1 c. sugar 2 c. heavy cream 2 tsp. vanilla extract pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple food coloring 1 store-bought graham cracker crust Sprinkles, for decorating Whipped cream, for serving DIRECTIONS In a large bowl using a hand mixer or a stand mixer […]

Gooey Chocolate S’mores Cupcakes

These are the perfect s’mores cupcakes: a graham cracker base, soft and decadent chocolate cake, gooey Hershey’s chocolate buttercream center, and toasted marshmallow frosting. It’s week four of our June Barbecue Menu where we’ve spent the month putting together an entire meal’s worth of BBQ courses. We started with Strawberry Limeades, followed that up with […]


Peppermint Bark Sugar Cookies are scrumptious cookies that bring together everything you love about sugar cookies AND everything you love about peppermint bark in one bite! These sugar cookies are quick and easy to make, absolutely melt in your mouth, and are just the thing for your Christmas goodies plate! A few years ago I […]

Mini Eggnog Cheesecakes

These Mini Eggnog Cheesecakes are perfect for your holiday party dessert table. Not only are they easy to make and delicious, but several of them grouped together make a beautiful display. Arrange them together in rows or use a cupcake display or stand and turn them into a focal point.   Ingredients 1 cup Graham […]

S’mores Cups

5 ingredient indoor S’mores Cups! Make these in a regular muffin pan. Like a cross between s’mores cookies and s’mores cupcakes! Before the evolution of pinterest it seemed like there was only one thing to do with graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate – make s’mores! But now there is like 1,001 things to do with […]


Summer is most assuredly the season for no-bake desserts and cold desserts. Not only is it nice to get a break from the hot oven, but those cold desserts are lovely to eat when it’s scorchingly hot. It’s no secret that I adore the combination of peanut butter and chocolate. I use it in cookies, […]